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Bowing Green Mirror and Glass is who we call when it comes to commercial work. Over the past years, we are able to work as fast as we could, so our customers can get back to work immediately. For the wide range of buildings and needs, including small offices to large facilities, our team can provide you practical solutions.

Storefront glass replacement. Storefront glass windows and doors are commonly the first things to notice before entering the store. Basically, keeping up its appearance should always be your top priority. Are you in need of storefront glass repair or replacement for windows and doors? Our team at B&G Mirror and Glass is providing quality service around Ohio. While installing storefront windows and door is our expertise, we also provide top-quality bulletproof and fire-resistant glass options to keep your business safe at all hours of the day and night. Dealing with severe weather every day can cause you a headache. Invest now on our storm-impact safety glass.

Retail Front door replacement. While we respect individuality, every home is unique. Hence, settling for just any front door is not a good idea. From sizes and materials, we at B&G Mirror and Glass can help you find what is right for your home. Take note, your front door is one of the first things to see in your home. This can actually have the capacity to set the tone for the overall interior of your home. Looking for a new or replacement front door should not overwhelm you, but it is also not a task to be taken too lightly. Let our team help you get a better understanding of the process and decisions involved, so you can do door shopping confidently and comfortably.

Window tinting in Florida where the sun makes the house very hot and fades furniture

Specialty Glass Replacement.  Looking for a reputable company that employs highly skilled glaziers with substantial industry experience?  If you happen to be living in Ohio or any surrounding areas, probably B&G Mirror and Glass is what you are referring to. While we offer various types of glass including specialty glass, we also provide custom-cutting for any residential need.

Glass Shower Doors. Have you stared at your bathroom and wish to give it a new look? Interestingly, the glass shower door is an exceptional way to upgrade your old bathroom into a new and elegant look without remodeling the whole space. Since there is a lot of available aesthetic design to choose from, shower enclosures have become popular among homeowners and builders. Create separate bathing space within your bathroom with the help of our team, B&G Mirror, and Glass. Guaranteed, we ought to create and install beautiful bathroom interiors and restrict vision from the outside. Boat Windshields. Leaky boat windows? Cracked glass? Although it would cost you a chunk of your savings when you seek the help of professionals, dealing with your damaged windshield alone is dangerous. Misinformation and unfamiliarity with the materials being used could lead this damage to a more serious one. Thing is, instead of going to a tough battle with your damaged boat window, let B&G Mirror and Glass save your time and do the job for you.