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A broken window caused by extreme weather can seriously take a toll on your home. When asked about trouble spots at home, windows and doors are probably your answer. These two are the main cause of major heat-loss in most homes. While windows may stick shut when painted or swell shut because of humidity, screens get torn. Depending on the damage, most windows don’t necessitate replacement. Aside from major window repair, Remember we can repair all mesh screens for all windows and door sizes.

Cracked Glass Repair. Sitting by the windowsill while sipping coffee and listening to the melancholic sound of nature is probably one of the most fulfilling to early in the morning. But this favorite spot can be ruined by a single crack on your glass window. This could happen for several reasons from flyaway baseball to weather changes. Let not this damaged glass cause you inconvenience, instead, rely on experts at Bowling Green Mirror and Glass. While you can aid that single crack temporarily by sticking tape on it, investing in a permanent one will prevent the crack from growing will be the best option.

Best Residential Window Glass Repair in Ohio

Window Screen Repair. The summer season has required every homeowner to install mesh window screens. Surprisingly, it is fragile. Without this means, having a house full of bugs or even a sauna without air movement.  It only takes an unlocked window then your screen is ruined by one poorly aimed soccer goal kick and your window screen is dented or worse broken to the extent that it requires replacement.  Measure your broken window and let us do the rest. Our team can fix the window by installing a new mesh screen. Bowling Green Mirror and glass can do it all.

Scratched Window Repair. A home without glass is hard to imagine. Ranging from furniture to windows and sliding glass doors, glass offers durability and transparency making it an ideal material. Thing is, glass doesn’t stay smooth and crystal clear as it is when newly installed. Although it is a resistant material, still it can be scratched. Luckily, a single scratch doesn’t always necessitate window replacement. All your window need is a delicate touch from Bowling Green Mirror and Glass.

Window Repair.  Windows play an important structural and visual element in your home.  It is undeniable fact that these are always prone to damage, from harsh weather or flying objects caused by kids playing outside. Restore security and energy efficiency by asking for the help of our professional window repairman.


Screen Porch Repair. The screen can protect the porch from bugs and forces of nature until the screen starts sagging and breaking away from its post. While most screens tend to tear down as they age, this is not the exact view you wanted to see as you sit on the porch with your favorite magazine and morning coffee.  As birds pass through, the screen more likely to break. Since you cannot teach birds where to land, you can actually look for screening professionals. From removing old wooden pin-up strips down to replacing them with more authentic materials, Bowling and Green Mirror and Glass do it all.

Triple Track Storm Window Repair. Probably you have already told your kids or you already heard this familiar story. You are living in a house with old windows which leaks an ample amount of air, making it even more chilly every winter and cause higher cooling cost every summer. The story doesn’t end there, you haven’t told how leaky windows allow windblown rain to seep into the structure of your house. Is installing new windows crossed your mind? It is actually not necessary. To banish leaks, all you need is high-quality storm windows from Bowling Green Mirror and Glass at a fraction cost of replacement windows. While newly replaced windows stop air infiltration so do storm windows at a lower cost.

Screen Door Repair. The screen lets your family enjoy the cool breeze without minding if insects are seeping through the corners of your door. Getting your screen torn or broken is inevitable. Ease your stress keeping the insects out of the house. You can always depend on Bowling Green Mirror and Glass. Whether yours need a repair or a new screen door installed, we got your door.