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First off, you need to know that Lexa like Band-Aid is a brand name. In a nutshell, it is a solid material that can deform in the extreme heat of 147 degrees Celsius without cracking or breaking.  On the other hand, Plexiglass is a material of different purposes and benefits. It is also known as acrylic.  While this material is commonly available in sheets of different thicknesses, it can also be found in rod or tube form. This kind of material offers cost-efficient products. Now, what is ABS plastic? ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. To make it simple, it is a kind of material that responds to heat without significant degradation. Now at B& G Mirror and Glass, we offer repairs and replacement for this kind of material.

Plexiglass Shields for Home and Office.  While employers contemplate the returning of employees to their desks, considering major changes in modern workplace culture and trappings is a practical idea. The modern corporate office is designed to open for collaborative workspaces with desks to accommodate two giant computer monitors. Amid pandemic, people continue to work despite the posed threat of the virus. All we need to be safe in space like this is the sneeze guard. Imagine plexiglass barriers being mounted on your desk and you won’t need to worry if your co-worker’s sneeze has reached your desk. While post-pandemic makeovers require offices to include hand sanitizers built into their desks, workers can freely collaborate without the fear of viral transmission. Good thing, B&G Mirror and Glass wanted to keep you healthy and safe, thus, offers Plexiglass Shields that can be mounted on your house’s or office’s desks.

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Female client talking with accountant in bank, sneeze guard is between them. They are wearing protective face masks and surgical gloves for protection against virus

Drill Holes in Plexiglass Without Cracking. Say, you can drill plexiglass with regular drill bits, but how certain are you that it won’t chip the edges and crack the entire plexiglass. See? When in doubt, seek professional help, seek B&G Mirror and Glass. Our technicians are using special drills designed for Plexiglass. Take note, plexiglass drill bits are composed of geometric structures compared with the traditional drill bits which allow them to puncture easily through the acrylic. Allow us to help you make a perfect drill through your plexiglass.

Plexiglass Windows. Windows often gave the denotation of thick panes of traditional glass sheeting. For long years, people settled with traditional glass as the primary material for windows. Now, as acrylic sheeting gained popularity, it is used as alternatives for glazing applications. Instead of traditional glass, why not opt for acrylic plastic sheets for your windows? B&G Mirror and Glass offers cost-effective plexiglass window installation. Since plastics such as acrylic plexiglass sheet takes less energy and money to produce, it appears lighter than glass windows. What are you waiting for? This is the best time to switch on economically conservative material.

Plexiglass Storm Windows. Distinct features of plexiglass make it stand tall in any weather condition, whether it is a storm surge or hail. Although it appears transparent like regular glass, you cannot notice that plexiglass sheets aren’t real glass. Truth be told, unlike the regular glass which eventually loses its color, especially when too thick, clear plexiglass sheets allow a hundred percent light to pass through regardless of how thick it is. If you happen to plan on replacing your regular windows with a storm-resistant plexiglass sheet, you might need our assistance or you are going to take certain precautionary steps. By any means, it is not an easy task and would require professional help. Now sit back, and let us do the job for you.

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Fix Scratched Plexiglass.  From the shower to the car, you usually don’t get noticed the importance of plexiglass until it gets scratch. Probably you have your windshields, mirrors, rear windows, motorcycle helmet visors, headlight, boat windows, and even shower doors which are made of see-through plastics or plexiglass. These are susceptible to cracks and scrapes. While scratches are a common problem for most vehicles, have you ever thought of the possibilities of how it can ruin the look of your car? Luckily, there is a way to remove unwanted marks and blemishes without taking a big chunk out of your savings account. B&G Glass and Mirror have the right tools and experienced technicians do this minor repair. The rotary polisher has the ability to put the power of polishing in your hands but requires skill that even the experts like us spend years of perfecting. So, instead of sacrificing your plexiglass, do not rush, we know how to smoothen out scratches in a slow, deliberate process.

Polish Plexiglass Edges. Since plexiglass is an extremely versatile material, it is not surprising if it will be used for any number of projects, in many different ways. It is safe to assume that the reason for choosing this material is because of its cost, transparency, and functionality. For some reason, people are after plexiglass due to its aesthetic property. You are a step ahead when you can polish its edges right after you are done cutting it.  Sawing or cutting plexiglass will leave edges rough and serrated.  As you may be compelled to smooth these over but you lack the material, it is safe to call our help. B&G Glass and Mirror can assure you the cleanest cut possible.

Fix Cracked Aquarium Glass.  When you wanted a pet but you don’t have enough space at your apartment to keep a dog. Or you don’t have time to take care of a cat-probably it is the best time to stop wishing to have those and buy a tank full of fish instead. While the aquarium is easy to maintain, it also offers pretty and lively decoration for your home. But crack in a glass aquarium can appear messy and dangerous especially when you have kids in your home. Fortunately, fixing cracked aquarium glass is fairly simple and won’t require you to take much effort. B&G Glass and Mirror can help you rescue fishes in your aquarium and repair its crack.

Bend Plexiglass. Bending plexiglass offers you a wide range of possibilities to make an array of beautiful objects without the fear of discoloring it. From a transparent table, colored plexiglass cabinet, down to useful holder for your tablet and laptop, these are a few of a wide range of choices you can make the moment you decide to bend plexiglass. While this appears to be a good hobby, investing in professionals when it comes to bending plexiglass will always be a nice idea. B&G Glass and Mirror professional benders can create different objects of your choice. Call us now before missing this good chance.

Plexiglass-Screened Porch- Are you planning to convert your screened porch into a three-season sunroom during winter? Having a plexiglass screened porch is better off than everyone without one. One of the many reasons people love a room with many screens is to relax and destress in the comfort of their home. Beat the heat as you turned off your air-conditioner, open your windows, and take a seat on your porch with a good book. Have you made up your mind yet? Included in our service is installing a plexiglass screen on porches. We are composed of experienced and trained individuals who will cater to your plexiglass screen needs. Give us a ring the moment you read this.