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Products, ornaments, and other memorabilia can be displayed stylishly through glass shelving. There is no particular reason for you not to love glass shelving. Aside from it provides transparency to see things clearly, it can easily blend in any environment. It can also create a light and airy feel in any room it inhabits.  On the other hand, table tops provide sleek and easy to maintain surface. At Bowing Green Mirror and Glass, elegant and distinctive glass designs for table tops, and shelving are made available. Refer to the following for descriptions:

Glass Desk Top. Another highly used component of a house is tables. Depending on the area, its sizes and designs differ. Coffee tables, center tables, room tables, or whatever you name it, are at its best when made up of glass, ergo, glass desk top. Glass is highly fashionable, thus, can easily be designed in any shape. However, no matter how resistant the glass is, to scratches and thermal attacks, it is still prone to damage. When your glass tabletop is damaged, the only way to remedy that is to ask for the assistance of glass experts from Bowing Green Mirror and Glass. Or, are you in need of a new glass desk top? Do not think twice, call us now +1 419-352-1610.

Dining Table Glass.  Food presentation involves not only food but decent tables. As the eyes enjoy the mere sight of food, the dining table glass top provides cleanliness, and sophistication like no other. This can be extended along with the entire dining room where atmosphere and ambiance set the tone before anyone lifts a fork. Bowing Green Mirror and Glass offers a collection that spans a variety of styles to suit the spectrum of interior themes of your home. Select from these handpicked dining table glass for your home.

Patio Table Glass.  Patio table glass can make your place appear exquisite even without placing a pot of flowers on the top of it. Glass is the best material for the patio table top to spruce up your garden. It can safeguard the table finish against weather damage and unavoidable wear and tear. In tune with your table measurements, we, at Bowing Green Mirror and Glass offer custom-cut glass in any dimension or shape of your choice. Mirror Replacement. Is your auto glass suffering from chip or crack? Basically, poor driving conditions, bad weather can contribute to that damage. While the damage is on your windshield, rear or side view, it is safe to think that Bowing Green Mirror and Glass is here to rescue your auto. Thirty years of providing auto chip repair and auto glass replacement guarantees that our service is quality-wise. Not only do we have certified and experienced technicians who are qualified to get the job done in no time, but our auto glass service also uses innovative technology that will provide you and your auto a convenience.